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Here is what is on UpNorthTV Channel 189 in the next few days:

Tuesday, January 23, 2018
7:00 AMTraverse City's Message and Music: 1/21/18info
8:00 AMFront Street Foundation's Money Series: Lady Bird Deedsinfo
8:30 AMTruly. Pt. 4info
9:00 AMLWVLC: The Corrosive Effect of Money on Electionsinfo
10:30 AMMichigan Clean Energy Conference: Moving Community Solar Forward in Michiganinfo
12:00 PMPainting the Peninsula: Neil Wallinginfo
1:00 PM74th Annual Rotary Showinfo
3:01 PMIN FOCUS - Who Owns Our Natural Resources?info
4:30 PMSouth Fox Island Lighthouseinfo
6:00 PMPetoskey Area Public Meetings: 1/15/18info
7:00 PMEncore Winds: Love is in the Airinfo
8:30 PMSlightly Off The Beaten Track: UpNorthTVinfo
10:00 PMMessage of Faith: 1/21/18info
11:00 PMNational Writers Series: Julia Glassinfo
Wednesday, January 24, 2018
7:00 AMTraverse Area District Library Board Meeting: 11/16/17info
8:00 AMTraverse Area District Library Board Meeting: 12/4/17info
8:16 AMLiving in Art: A Video Montageinfo
9:00 AMUp Front Fridays: February 2018info
9:30 AMNature Change: Episode 3info
10:00 AMProtect Our Voteinfo
12:00 PMPicnic at the Opera 2/24/16info
2:00 PMFuture of Nature Panel Discussioninfo
3:30 PMLooking for the Missing Linkinfo
5:00 PMTTCI Board Meeting: 11/21/17info
7:00 PMIdeas Live: January 2018info
8:00 PMTruly.info
8:16 PMTruly. Pt. 2info
8:29 PMTruly. Pt. 3info
9:00 PMInternational Affairs Forum: Germany - Merkel's High Stakes Gambleinfo
10:00 PMLen Paxton Teaching Series: 1/24/18info
11:00 PMTCFM: Christmas Gone Viralinfo
Thursday, January 25, 2018
6:00 AMMessage of Faith: 1/21/18info
7:00 AMTrinity Lutheran Church: 1/13/18info
8:00 AMNature Change: Episode 3info
9:00 AMFront Street Foundation's Money Series: Estate Planninginfo
12:00 PMNational Writers Series: Margaret Atwoodinfo
2:00 PMWunsch Family History on Old Missioninfo
3:30 PMWalt Whitman: A Northern Michigan Mosaicinfo
9:00 PMFamily of Faith Ministries: 1/21/18info
10:00 PMErnie Mindel Show: Boulder Park, Charlevoixinfo
10:59 PMTCFM: Christmas Gone Viralinfo