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The UpNorth Media Center is the home of community media in northwest Lower Michigan. We connect our community to people around the globe through the region's only public—and government—access television stations and online video streaming source. We teach people how to use video and other digital media to celebrate local culture, share community information, and provide educational content for the world to see. We also provide access to professional and prosumer video and audio equipment.

The UpNorth Media Center is hosted and operated by the Land Information Access Association (LIAA), a nonprofit community service organization. LIAA has extensive experience in working with citizens, local governments and other nonprofits all across Michigan, helping to expand civic engagement and build better communities through participation, education, information and the effective use of technology.

LIAA's Board of Directors oversees all of LIAA's programs, operations and finances. The Board of Directors is responsible for evaluating and adopting all policies of the organization which are carried out by the Executive Director and LIAA's staff members.

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