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Online streaming for this show ended on Tuesday, July 1, 2014

This edition of iCR presents the first, seasonal, community discussion group that is the follow-up component to the Bob Russell Resilience Reading List Project sponsored by the Michigan Land Use Institute. After Bob Russell's death MLUI put together this community reads program, with one featured volume from Bob's Recommended Resilience Reading list offered each season; four per year. The community of readers is then invited to a scheduled discussion night. This iCR is recording of the first discussion featuring Michael Pollen's book, COOKED. The next scheduled discussion night is covering the book, What's The Economy For Anyway? by De Graff and Batker; discussion night is Thursday, May 22nd at the Traverse District Library. Resource: http://www.resilience-reads.org/ Tags Social Capital.

Produced by Barrons, D.
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