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Parks and Recreation Commission Organizational Meeting
Thursday, January 21, 2016 6:00 PM
1. Call to Order
2. Roll Call
3. Election of President
a. Nominations
b. Election of President (Roll Call Vote)
4. Election of Vice President
a. Norminations
b. Election of Vice President (Roll Call Vote)
5. Election of Secretary
a. Nominations
b. Election of Secretary (Roll Call Vote)
6. First Public Comment
7. Additions to Agenda
8. Special Orders of Business/Presentations
a. BARC (Bay Area Recycling for Charities),Events to Remember, and Uncorrect Comedy's Request to hold Comedy Brew Festival Event June 5, 2016 at Civic Center
b. Parks and Recreation Governing Document Changes related to Senior Center Network (SCN) (Director and Lori Wells, Manager, SCN; Memo to County Board from Director and Memo to Director from Prosecuting Attorney's Office, Attached; NO ACTION REQUIRED)
c. Proposed Senior Center Network Agreement for Use of the Rock, Kingsley (Director and SCN Manager; Draft Agreement, Attached; ACTION REQUIRED.
9. Action on Consent Calendar - Receive and File
a. Parks and Recreation Commission Minutes of December 17, 2015
b. Approved Business Development Team: Civic Center Minutes of November 18, 2015 Meeting
c. Grand Traverse Conservation District Monthly Report
d. Grand Traverse Bay YMCA-Parks and Recreation Pool Operations Management Agreement
e. Intergovernmental Agreement for Senior Center Management
f. Parks and Recreation Commission Monthly Budget Report
10. Items Removed from Consent Calendar
11. Department Report
12. Old Business
13. New Business
a. 2016 Appointments to Committees
  1. Rules Committee
  2. NER Advisory Commission
  3. TBAYS Board (Non-voting Member
  4. Business Development Team: Civic Center
  5. Fees Ad Hoc Committee
  6. Program Ad Hoc Committee

b. 2015 Proposed Parks and Recreation Commission Meeting Schedule (Proposed Schedule Attached-Approval)
14. Second Public Comment
15. Notices and Commissioner Comments
16. Adjournment