Grand Traverse County Parks and Recreation Commission - 6/14/2018

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Parks and Recreation Commission Regular Meeting
Thursday, June 14, 2018 5:00 PM
1. Pledge of Allegiance
2. Call to Order
3. Roll Call
4. First Public Comment
5. Approval of/Additions to Agenda
6. Special Orders of Business/Presentations
7. Action on Consent Calendar
a. Draft Minutes from May 10, 2018 Parks and Recreation Commission Meeting
b. Approved Minutes from May 1, 2018 Business Development Team Meeting
c. Parks and Recreation-Senior Center Network Budget Report
d. May 2018 Conservation District Report
e. Maple Bay Park Soil Conservation Plan
f. Signed Maple Bay Park Farming Agreement
g. Signed Agreement for Norte! to Use Pugsley Building at Civic Center Park
h. Parks and Recreation Slide Presentation Made During May 23, 2018 County Board of Commissioners' Meeting
i. Draft Minutes from May 23, 2018 County Board of Commissioners' Meeting
j. June 6, 2018 E-mail from Consultant Watza: Cell Tower Lease Review Update
k. May 31, 2018 Letter from Rotary Charities Regarding $70,000 Grant Award
l. May 23, 2018 E-mail from MMRMA Regarding RAP Grant Award
m. MMRMA Rap Grant Application and Fence Quote
8. Items Removed from Consent Calendar
9. Parks and Recreation-Senior Center Report (Director, Senior Center Network Manager, and President)
10. Old Business
a. Easling Pool Refurbishment Vendor Selections and Expenditures: Resolution of Authorization (Action Item)
b. Request to Retain Portion of Fence at Civic Center Park (Action Item)
c. Draft Medalie Park Use Agreement: TC Tritions Rowing Program (Action Item)
d. Draft Naming Rights Agreement: InTeliCare Health Services Memorial Garden at Civic Center
e. VISTA Agreement Renewal Request (Action Item)
11. New Business
a. Proposal: Traverse Bay Blues Rugby at Twin Lakes Park (Tony Dell'Acqua, Traverse Bay Blues Rugby Board Liaison; Possible Action Item)
b. Proposal: Parallel 45 Theater at Civic Center Park (Parallel 45 Theater Representatives; Possible Action Item)
c. Sign at Twin Lakes Park (Discussion)
12. Second Public Comment
13. Notices and Commissioner Comments
14. Adjournment