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What is the Production Team?

The Production Team is a group of volunteers dedicated to bringing community events to those who cannot attend by recording those events for UpNorthTV.

Who Chooses the Events?

The UpNorthTV staff have an editorial process by which the events are selected. If there is something that you think should be covered, contact us to suggest it.

Who can be on the Production Team?

Anyone! No previous experience or specific skills are required. Some jobs do require standing or lifting, others a desire to learn, but our basic requirements are enthusiasm for the Northwest Michigan community and a willingness to work with others.

How Do I Sign Up for the Production Team?

Visit our Production Team portal and click the Fill in an application button.

How Do I See What Events and Jobs are Available?

Visit our Production Team portal, log in, and click the Opportunities tab. We will also send out periodic emails to all registered Production Team members.

Do I Need to Have an Email Address to Join the Team?

Yes. That is the only and best way we have of communicating with you. If you are concerned about sharing your email address with us, we would be happy to help you create a free, dedicated email address for your Production Team use.

What Will I do for the Production Team?

Here is a partial listing of possible jobs. Specific needs are posted on the Production Team portal.

  • Production Assistant – The Production Assistant is a general helper that helps ensure the success of a production or UpNorthTV operations. Training will be provided on site for whatever task is required at that time. Some sample tasks that may be requested of a Production Assistant include pulling cables during set up for a field recording session, helping studio production guests into and out of the studio, helping check equipment out or in for Videographers, equipment inventory or maintenance, saving media from equipment returned by Videographers, etc. Production Assistants must be able to lift 20 lbs. and climb stairs.
  • Camera Operator – Camera Operators help make UpNorthTV multi-camera field productions look great by pointing a camera toward their assigned part of the action. Training will generally be provided on-site. Good Camera Operators will have a steady hand, be able to listen to and take direction from the Director, and be able to quickly compose a shot in a possibly dynamic environment. Being a Camera Operator will require long periods of standing.
  • Sound Technician – The Sound Technician helps set up microphones and recording devices to ensure high-quality sound for UpNorthTV multi-camera field productions. Training will generally be provided in an apprentice-style setting, with potential Sound Technicians assisting with events until UpNorth Media Center staff feel he or she is ready to work independently. Good Sound Technicians will feel comfortable with electronics and understand the importance of good audio to any video production.
  • Editor – An Editor takes raw video and audio recorded in the field and crafts it into a coherent, smooth program that a viewer will want to watch. Training will be provided at the UpNorth Media Center in both classroom and one-on-one settings. Tasks of an editor may include managing media files from several devices, importing media into non-linear editing software (usually Adobe Premiere Elements), synchronizing video or audio tracks from multiple sources, cutting the video and applying transitions to produce an even and engaging program. Good Editors will feel comfortable running a Windows PC, be very detail oriented, have a sense of rhythm and storytelling for visual and auditory media, and be patient.
  • Sound Editor – The Sound Editor reviews an edited program to ensure that sound levels are consistent and audible as well as in sync throughout an almost-complete program. Training will be provided at the UpNorth Media Center in both classroom and one-on-one settings. Good Sound Editors will feel comfortable running a Windows PC, be very detail oriented, and be a good listener.
  • Title Editor – The Title Editor adds text and titles to an edited program as needed. Title content will generally be provided, though there is wide latitude available for creativity in the display of that content. Training will be provided at the UpNorth Media Center in both classroom and one-on-one settings. Good Title Editors will be visually creative and understand good typography and design, be very detail oriented and willing to research and double-check spellings and information, and feel comfortable running a Windows PC.
  • Videographer - A Videographer records a relatively simple event such as a lecture or concert on their own. The Videographer may need to set up multiple cameras, arrange for an audio recording, and run a camera during an event. A good Videographer will feel comfortable with UpNorthTV equipment, understand the basic processes of video and audio recording, and remain calm when the unexpected happens (which it always does). Extended periods of standing and some lifting are required.
  • Director – A Director manages the overall visual appearance and flow of an UpNorthTV multi-camera production. The Director uses a NewTek Tricaster to switch between cameras in real time during the production along with providing instructions to the Camera Operators, and adds pre-prepared title and video sequences to the production as needed. Training will be provided one-on-one and in an apprenticeship setting. A good Director will be able to think quickly, have a good understanding of the flow of visual media, work well under pressure, and be willing to invest time learning the craft (Directing is very similar to playing a musical instrument).

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