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UpNorthTV, Northwest Michigan’s Public Access Television Station, offers Producer status to any 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in the UpNorthTV viewing area.

What good can UpNorthTV do for me?

  • Video helps you tell your organization’s or constituents’ stories in a compelling way, promoting your organization or cause to more people.
  • Video on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, your blogs or website will attract more interest.
  • Video is expensive, but we have the ideas, staff and equipment to help you do it yourself.
  • See this article on Non-Profit Video for more information.

What are the benefits of being a Non-Profit Producer?

  • Your organization may submit video to UpNorthTV for cablecasting and web streaming (see our Policies and Procedures document for details). Your organization must be listed as the Producer in the tag at the end of the video (see our Operating Rules document for details).
  • You may include a “call to action” in any video that you submit (something individual Producers are not permitted to do). This means that you can promote an event you hold or sponsor, ask for donations, and recruit volunteers in the video. Note that political advertising and commercial activity are not allowed by the State of Michigan public access television enabling legislation.
  • You can schedule time in the UpNorthTV studio to record a program. You provide the idea, the topic, and the guests. The UpNorth Media Center will provide staff to help you plan, record, and publish your program. Studio scheduling is subject to availability of the facility and staff.
  • We will provide training and support for your volunteers should they want to produce video for you. Our Field Producer course certifies individuals to check out and use our field equipment and editing workstations. Our staff will provide technical and creative support.
  • We can help you strategize video use for YouTube, your social media, blog or website.

What is the cost of being a Non-Profit Producer?

There is a $100 annual fee for all Non-Profit Producers.

That’s all?

We also ask that you provide a link from your website to the UpNorth Media Center website, and mention us in your video credits if you think we helped. That’s all.

How do we sign up?

Fill out our online Non-Profit Producer Registration form and we'll get in touch with you.

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