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We have three basic classes depending on what you need or would like to do, and sometimes we have supplemental classes. You can see the class schedule and register on our Production Team portal (registration is required). Contact us if you have questions. Here are the classes:

Producer Orientation

Every Producer must take this one-hour, free, Producer Orientation class. It introduces you to UpNorthTV, our policies and rules, and gives you an idea of what we have to offer. It is often included with one of the other classes. After this class, if you produce video for fun, YouTube or other streaming service, then you can just send us that video and we'll play it on TV. Contact us to schedule a separate Producer Orientation class.

New! Take Our Online Orientation Course and Quiz

Field Production Class

For those looking to go on location to shoot video, the Field Production Class is a two day, 8 hour course at a cost of $60.  The first day you will learn to use our camera and audio recording equipment.  During the second day of class you will learn to use Adobe Elements video editing software in our computer lab. After this class you can use our equipment and help to create your show.

Studio Production Class

For those looking to produce shows in a studio environment we offer our 4 hour Studio Production Class at a cost of $40.  You will learn about studio lighting, camera controls and how to operate our Tricaster camera switching system. After this class you can reserve and use the studio to create your show.

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